Dr. Pamela Seraphine, PsyD

Neuroscientist + Trauma, Resilience & Brain Health Expert + Clinical Consultant

Course details:

Course name: Crisis De-escalation: Brain-Based Solutions for Conflict Resolution (Day)
Course type: Live Virtual Workshop
Course dates: April 18, 25 & May 02, 09
Course time: Thursdays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Registration cost: $245 (FREE through BC Borstal Association)

Do you want to learn how to handle conflicts calmly, efficiently, and in a brain-savvy way? This 4-part virutal live workshop will teach you the latest techniques and strategies for resolving crises with ease and confidence. Our expert instructor, Dr. Pamela Seraphine, will guide you through the science behind crisis de-escalation, providing you with the tools to manage high-pressure situations while controlling your emotions. You'll learn how to recognize the warning signs of a crisis and how to respond effectively to defuse difficult situations before they spiral out of control.

Whether you work in a high-pressure environment or want to enhance your conflict resolution skills, this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to manage any crisis with poise and control.

Don't wait to transform the way you handle conflicts. Sign up now for Crisis De-escalation: Brain-Based Solutions for Conflict Resolution and take your communication and conflict resolution skills to the next level!

Recommended For: Professionals who work in high-stress environments that may require working with traumatized individuals 

  • First responders
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Human service professionals
  • Security personnel



  1. Understand the neuroscience of crisis escalation and de-escalation and its effects on individuals and groups
  2. Recognize warning signs of a crisis and assess the level of danger in difficult situations
  3. Develop effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  4. Learn practical and brain-savvy techniques for staying calm and focused in high-pressure situations 
  5. Gain confidence in handling crises and managing difficult interpersonal interactions in a professional and effective manner


  • Module 1: Understanding Crisis Escalation
  • Module 2: Effective Communication for De-escalation
  • Module 3: Brain-Savvy Techniques for Crisis Management
  • Module 4: Applying Crisis De-escalation Strategies
  • Location: Online Virtual
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