The British Columbia Borstal Association has operated successfully for the past 72 years and is committed to helping individuals create positive change.

We understand that adverse life experiences can be traumatic, but such experiences do not need to derail one's natural development or place individuals at risk.

Trauma is closely linked with mental health, addiction, stigma, negative behaviour, and many other challenges. Despite how complex your past may be, there is one common thread that we all share. We are products of our past, and our past plays an integral role in shaping our future. We operate from a trauma-informed perspective and offer a unique approach to root cause treatment through education and training. BC Borstal works to provide education, training, and support.

For that reason, the financial support from your side helps us fulfill our mission to improve personal and community wellness by providing treatment, support and education to British Columbians impacted by trauma. The support from generous people like makes a difference in delivering our best to the community. We are grateful for your support.


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