Trauma care

The British Columbia Borstal Association, in operation since 1948, understands that adverse life experiences can be traumatic, but such experiences do not need to derail one's natural development, or place individuals or the community at risk.  Trauma is closely linked with mental health, addiction, stigma, negative and criminal behaviours, as well as many other challenges. We deliver a unique approach to root cause treatment: Prevention through education and training; Early Intervention when one faces abnormal challenges; and Aftercare for those who require skilled support to manage the impacts of these life experiences.

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About your British Columbia Borstal Association
  • Leaders in crime prevention

  • Progressive and unique root cause treatment

  • 7 decades of service

  • Trauma Informed Residential and Outpatient service

  • Pillars of trauma prevention, intervention and aftercare

The Rich History of the BC Borstal Association

The state of criminal justice in the province of British Columbia during the 1930s remained, as it did in much of the country, very much entrenched in a mode of punishment and penal servitude. A push for the establishment of a Borstal Program in British Columbia began in the late 1930s. In 1938, the Report of the Royal Commission on the Penal System of Canada arrived calling for, among its many recommendations, the formation of a national Borstal Program. This Royal Commission has been accredited with initiating a shift in Canadian correctional perceptions from a punitive to a rehabilitative treatment-based approach. The program's main appeal to reformers was that it proposed the segregation of young or first-time offenders from their more seasoned counterparts


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A good board is vital to the operation of any business, as is evident with the governance of the British Columbia Borstal Association.  Our stable volunteer Board has provided continuity in times of change and they continually assess operations based on our mandate.  The BC Borstal Board of Directors is instrumental in:
  1. Vision work and strategic planning
  2. Annual budget development
  3. Policy and Procedure overview
  4. Capital acquisition and disposal
  5. Executive recruitment and evaluation

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