BC Borstal Association to launch Hope After Trauma Academy.

On March 25, 2024, the BC Borstal Association will launch the Hope After Trauma Academy, a comprehensive online education platform providing trauma-informed care courses, masterclasses and live, virtual training.

The launch of the Hope After Trauma Academy builds on the BC Borstal Association’s track record of success delivering in-person and live virtual crisis and trauma courses targeted at British Columbians. The Hope After Trauma Academy will make these services available on-demand to anyone who may be in need of them anywhere in the world.

The Hope After Trauma Academy will help us generate revenue that can be reinvested by BC Borstal Association in the programs and initiatives that it is known for, helping it to achieve its vision of building resiliency and healthier communities with less trauma and greater peace.

Click here and visit us at the Hope After Trauma Academy!