Volunteerism  your BC Borstal Association, experience the value of giving back


Interested in people?  Crime Prevention?  Complex Trauma?


Volunteering is a fundamental act of community involvement.  Volunteering is also an essential part of non profit operations and typically the benefits are mutual - to the Association and the person volunteering.  What impact can you have on community safety? What  can you offer in offender rehabilitation and reintegration?  Perhaps you have innovative ideas you can implement to effect recidivism?  These questions are what will form your experience at the British Columbia Borstal Association.


We have two volunteer paths, choose which one fits you and your goals:    

1.   Skills Based Volunteerism: 
Skills based volunteering is utilizing your pre-developed unique set of skills for the immediate benefit of the host organization  Ie: proposal development, marketing and fundraising, contract procurement/development, etc.

2.   Skills Development Volunteerism:

Skills development volunteering is aimed at developing the professional skills and connections required to build a career in the criminal justice field.  For some, volunteering may be a way of getting involved in the community proactively. 

* Note: If you are interested in applying your skills or learning new ones, feel free to make contact with our volunteer coordinator - click on the appropriate link: