Did you know that our Clinical team provides highly skilled therapeutic care in all forms of Counselling including couples counselling; young families; adult/youth; and further specializations in addiction and trauma?  And all at an affordable rate and when you need it.

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Client Care BC Trauma Care Division
We are here to help - and you matter
Despite how complex your past may be, there is one common thread that we all share... we are products of our past and it is often these pasts that play an integral role in mental health and/or addiction issues.  With a team of highly skilled Clinical Counsellor specializing in Trauma and Addiction, we are confident that you can become more present; enjoy an increased sense of safety; and create a new zest for life.  Please read our service pillars below to see what defines our work and then connect with our team lead with any questions you have.  Congratulations on taking this important step
Referral Process
Simply call or email us.  We are a low barrier service provider meaning we make the process as simple as possible.  And we do not believe in wait times for access to care that you need in the immediate.  Call us today
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Pillar One, Prevention
Prevention underscores the importance of strong caregiver support, healthy social networks and a sense of responsibility within the person's community.  It is crucial that every caregiver understand adolescent development and for this reason and many others your BC Borstal works with young families and in our local schools

Pillar Two, Intervention

Early Intervention speaks to immediate and skilled action in cases of exposure to a potentially traumatic situation and or experience.  This exposure can be a perceived or actual threat to one's life or safety - from a violent act to neglect in the home.

Pillar Three, Aftercare
A traumatic response or Post Traumatic Stress is not uncommon and in many cases is a normal response to an abnormal experience.  Our brains have a built in survival mechanism however at times there is difficulty turning off the alarm.  Our skilled Clinical Care team can help restore balance

Question - what do you offer?

Answer: The BC Borstal offers support to any person who is carrying trauma.  Our primary therapeutic support may include:

  • Trauma Informed Approach and Trauma Specific Interventions

  • EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Sensorimotor Therapy

  • Attachment Based Therapy

For further information on these and secondary therapies offered, click here