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Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do.
- Goethe

BC Borstal offers three types of training.  Click the heading of the one that fits your needs best, or scroll down:

Training for Professionals: designed specifically for any front line professional working with vulnerable populations, including but not limited to: first responders, correctional officers, residential facility workers, mental health workers, First Nation support, etc.

Training for Community: this training is designed to broaden the knowledge of any community member looking to gain a greater understanding of trauma.  This training is less skill based than the ones offered for professionals, offering an interactive format to maximize learning.

For Professionals  

Continued professional development is essential in human service work.  The belief at the BC Borstal is that our investment on the front line will produce better employees, enhance morale, and help the mission excel  

Current Training Programs:

Step 1:  Building Your Trauma Lens

Step 2:  Survival Behind the Mask: Our Brain's Traumatic Response Protocols

Step 3:  Re-Framed: Trauma Skill Development 

Step 4:  The Great Intersection:  Trauma Meets Culture

Step 5:  Trapped: The Crisis Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

Step 6:  Vicarious Trauma and Self Care

CUSTOM  (custom options/material can be made available on request)    

LEVEL TWO (Advanced)

Step 1:  Mental Health, Grief, and Addiction

Step 2:  Trauma Management (scenario based and role play learning)

* Note:  To register your organization, please contact Tricia Collingham with your course interest, Agency name and number of participants.



Community Training

Building awareness of human development; traumatic impact and recovery/resilience is part of our first pillar, trauma prevention.  On a quarterly basis our team of Clinical Trauma and Addiction counsellors will open up psycho education sessions to the general public.  We also welcome community input on workshops that would be of value to you!

Current Workshops:

Fathers:  Whats my value?  This workshop looks at the impacts of single parent families and the importance of fathers having a continued role in their child's development 

Suicide Prevention: This workshop teaches you to recognize the warning signs, how to deal with difficult questions and statement, as well as the best ways to intervene, 

* Note:  To register for our next workshop or to request additional information, please contact our Clinical Counselling team at: