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Rocksborough Smith Award recognizing personal development

Rocksborough Smith was considered by many to be an expert and leader in the Borstal field, with years of experience working in the British Borstal System.   Post World War II, Rocksborough Smith or "Rocky" returned to BC to establish a program at the New Haven Correctional Center under the BC Borstal Association, patterned closely after the British Borstal System. Under his tutor, a progressive program was established whereby New Haven youths advanced through a series of grades designed to prepare them for release while at the same time taking part in a character building program with vocational, academic and religious components. Rocksborough Smith understood the many facets of our being that makes us whole, and the investment required from the individual and those in a position of support. 


Rocksborough Smith placed great importance on the relationship with Borstal staff.  "The day a man leaves Borstal to re-enter his community is the most dangerous period. Without after-care the whole system is futile".  BC Borstal continues to follow this longstanding philosophy, understanding that in every individual’s personal growth, the Borstal will remain an integral part of the relationship.


In honor of Rocksborough Smith, his philosophy, and all that he accomplished in BC Borstal’s history, an award for Personal Development has been established in his name.  The Rocksborough Smith Award for Personal Development provides annual recognition to select individuals committed to personal growth, and a life free of crime.

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