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BC Borstal Association seeks to achieve its goals through integrated activities of its three central roles: Prevention through education and training; Early Intervention with our skilled team of Clinical Counsellors when one faces abnormal challenges; and Aftercare for those who require skilled support to manage the impacts of these life experiences.


Education and Training


BC Borstal Association offers a number of educational workshops to organizations and community groups which are designed to broaden their knowledge and understanding of trauma and its impact on individuals, community, and society as a whole. Building awareness of human development, traumatic impact, and recovery/resilience is part of our first pillar of care. Education and Training


Clinical Counselling


Our team of highly skilled Clinical Counsellors are passionate about providing the best trauma-informed care to all of our clients. Trauma is closely linked with mental health, addiction, stigma, negative and criminal behaviours, as well as many other challenges. We understand that adverse life experiences can be traumatic, but such experiences do not need to derail one's natural development. We provide our clients with the support, care and understanding needed in order to heal. Clinical Counselling


Community Residential Facility (CRF)


Working in partnership with Correctional Services of Canada, BC Borstal Association owns and operates Dick Bell-Irving Community Residential Facility. Dick Bell-Irving CRF houses 15 adult men who are on conditional release and being transitioned back into the community.  Our residence is an incredibly valuable resource to these individuals as we offer support and services that allow our residents to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to successfully transition in to the community. We operate from a trauma-informed perspective and address the root cause of the behaviour(s) that lead to criminal activity. We give individuals a second chance to become productive members of society. Community Residential Facility

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