Practicums  Placements designed to matter

The British Columbia Borstal Association is a registered non profit organization working to resolve conflict in a spirit of reconciliation in order to make lasting change in people's lives. The prospective practicum placement student will see value in our Mission and the populations we serve.  The BC Borstal will provide a stimulating environment full of professional challenge, balancing the unique learning interests of the student with that of the Association.  Your Practicum Supervisor will adapt the training objectives according to your individual strengths and program needs.   Your professional development will be our primary interest, knowing that our investment in you will provide mutual long term benefit.  All students must be able and willing to obtain Reliability Status clearance through Public Works and Government Services Canada in order to access Protected information procured through the Correctional Services Canada.


Our practicums learn new skills and knowledge by:


•   Staff shadow and observation

•   Creating a detailed practicum plan with measurable deliverables

•   Developing and facilitating program specific workshops/presenting papers

•   Reading selected manuals, guidelines, client files and program information

•   Participating in staff debriefs, orientation sessions and agency training

•   Attending formal and informal supervision meetings 


For more information or to initiate your practicum placement, please make contact the appropriate placement Adviser via the following links: