The purpose of the British Columbia Borstal Association is to reduce the impact of crime in our community through support of those individuals and variables that effect public safety.  We accomplish our purpose by providing both outpatient and residential programs that include access to safe residential care and support; a trauma informed approach team; one-to-one counselling; employment education; trauma therapy; and referrals to specialized community resources.


The British Columbia Borstal Association works to improve community safety and wellness by providing root cause treatment, intervention, and prevention of trauma



  1. To provide root cause treatment and program support

  2. To operate from a trauma informed approach in all service

  3. To provide safe, peaceful and stable residential service supporting client rehabilitation and reintegration 

  4. To provide programs/services that support personal growth and development

  5. That all people have the ability to lead a responsible and respectful lifestyle

  6. All people have the potential to be productive citizens

  7. That all clients are to be treated with dignity, fairness, respect and equality

  8. A belief in restorative justice with measures that resolve conflict and help to build and restore relationships

  9. To follow the guiding principles of trauma prevention, early intervention and aftercare