Medical & Dental

Access to comprehensive and quality healthcare is central to maintaining overall health and wellness; it provides the foundation required to thrive in all areas of life. Below is a list of various free and low-cost medical and dental services available to residents of the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley region. 

General Practitioners
Also known as family doctors, General Practitioners help patients look after their health needs on a regular basis. 

Finding a General Practitioner 

Urgent and Primary Care Centres 
Same-day services for individuals with non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses when they are unable to access a family doctor or other healthcare providers.  

Metro Vancouver 

Fraser Valley

Community Health Clinics 
Low-barrier medical health services for individuals who do not have a family doctor and who may have trouble accessing traditional healthcare services. 


Metro Vancouver

Fraser Valley

Indigenous-focussed Medical Care 

Culturally sensitive medical care for Indigenous peoples. This also includes traditional Indigenous healing programs. 

First Nations Health Authority

Indigenous Healing Programs 


Dental Care 

This section includes general dentistry, periodontology, and dental hygiene services. 


Metro Vancouver

Fraser Valley

Surrey Private Counselling Services

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