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Education & Training Developing knowledge, skills, & abilities

BC Borstal Association offers a number of workshops to organizations and community groups to broaden their knowledge and understanding of trauma and its impact on individuals, community and society as a whole. Our workshops can be combined to create full day training sessions as well. 



Skills for working from a Trauma-Informed Perspective (4 hrs)

This workshop focusses on building an understanding of trauma, Understanding of the science behind trauma and how to practice trauma informed care in the working Environment. This training will provide hands-on skill for individuals as well as organizations with the language to talk about mental health with the understanding to support employees and people around us through a trauma informed lens.


Vicarious Trauma And Compassion Fatigue (half day 4 hrs & full day 8 hrs)


This Workshop is designed to target issues relating to work, personal life and its impact on mental health and well-being. The training will help employers, employees and volunteers who may develop compassion fatigue, including first responders, counsellors or social workers, health care professionals, teachers, veterinarians, caregivers who look after individuals battling with trauma, and all individuals who are the first point of contact for those going through a crisis or trauma. This workshop additionally employs strategies for mental resilience.

To book any of the above workshops or request custom content please email us at


Navigating the Re-Opening Phase with Ease (11 mins)

What does the re-opening mean to you? What impacts will it have on your life? In this webinar, we will explore ways to navigate the re-opening phase with ease and comfort.

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