Dick Bell-Irving Community Residential Facility


Halfway houses, or community residential facilities (CRFs), are the most critical element of the criminal justice process, and an invaluable contributor to public safety.  Why?  CRFs provide an offender the opportunity to rebuild themselves in their community with skilled support, resources, and, supervision.  This is known to be far more effective than having a person serve their sentence and be released to a community with no support or supervision, and broken ties to employment, accommodation, family and friends. 

Dick Bell-Irving CRF

Dick Bell-Irving CRF is a fifteen-bed community residential facility.  This resource is located in the South Cambie Neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC, and works with adult male offenders.  The house is ideally located, being close to community and commercial resources and rapid transit.  Dick Bell- Irving is a home like environment providing five single rooms and five double rooms.  The resource is staffed 24x7 providing safety, security and support to the residents, all from a trauma informed perspective.  The goal of our CRF is to assist offenders with their reintegration into the community while treating the root cause(s) that led them to their offense.   We reach this goal by providing residents with a safe, peaceful, stable living environment, as well as providing programs and services to support personal growth and development.  Of course, public safety is paramount and our home provides continued risk assessment and management for all persons on conditional release. 

Referral Process:
  1. All referrals are made through the Correctional Services Canada

  2. The Director of Operations screens all referrals to ensure they meet the minimum criteria for acceptance including: being a minimal risk to the safety of other residents and staff, himself, family, his victim, the immediate neighborhood, and the community at large.  Dick Bell-Irving CRF does not accept individuals with offenses of a sexual nature, or those with active links to organized crime. 

What makes us unique:

  • operate from a trauma informed approach

  • onsite Clinical Trauma/Addiction Counsellor

  • provide support to Circle of Eagles Lodge Society for clients interested in indigenous spirituality

  • continuity service for the St. Leonard's Community Alcohol and Drug Program known as Day CAD

  • structured Departure Program to support the best possible reintegration strategy

  • onsite Program Coordinator responsible for client outreach, program support and assessment of client's reintegration needs

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