Dr. Pamela Seraphine, PsyD

Neuroscientist + Trauma, Resilience & Brain Health Expert + Clinical Consultant

Course details:

Course name: Vicarious Trauma Recovery Brain-Based Strategies for Resilience
Course type: Webinar
Course dates: TBD
Course time: Day & Evening Classes (TBD)
Registration cost: $345 (FREE through BC Borstal Association)

This transformational 5-part webinar series delves into the complexities of vicarious traumatization, offering a science-based approach to tackling its effects in the workplace. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the impacts of vicarious trauma, focusing on recognizing the symptoms and utilizing brain-based strategies for building resiliency and recovery. Using cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques, this training provides valuable insights into effective self-care practices, proactive coping mechanisms, and heightened resistance to stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue. This world-class program empowers individuals with the tools and skills needed to support themselves, their colleagues, and the people they serve by enhancing personal and professional resilience.

Recommended For: Professionals who work in high-stress environments that may require working with traumatized individuals

  • First responders
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Human service professionals
  • Security personnel

Training Objectives

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Distinguish differences between Vicarious Trauma (VT) & Other Forms of Trauma
  • Understand How Trauma Impacts the Brain
  • Address How Trauma is Stored in the Body
  • Apply Brain-Based Strategies to Accelerate Resilience
  • Learn How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Understand How to Recover from Burnout
  • Successfully harness the FLOW state of mind
  • And, so much more!


Module 1: Making Sense of Vicarious Trauma (VT) 

Module 2: Understanding How Trauma Impacts the Brain

Module 3: Addressing How Trauma is Stored in the Body

Module 4: Enhancing Self-Mastery in the Workplace 

Module 5: Harnessing the FLOW State of Mind for Peak Performance 

Location: Online Virtual