Dr. Pamela Seraphine, PsyD

Neuroscientist + Trauma, Resilience & Brain Health Expert + Clinical Consultant

Course details:

Course name: Brain-Based Trauma-Informed Care: Building a Culture of Resilience
Course type: Webinar
Course dates: TBD
Course time: Day & Evening Classes (TBD)
Registration cost: $345 (FREE through BC Borstal Association)

Are you looking to create a culture of resilience in your organization? It all starts with understanding brain-based, trauma-informed care. Our free 3-part webinar series will help you and your employees become aware of the prevalence of unresolved trauma within your team and organization. By learning the five critical brain-based, trauma-informed principles, including promoting awareness, shifting attitudes, providing choice, fostering safety, and highlighting strengths, you'll be equipped with the tools to build a more resilient and supportive workplace. Sign up now and take the first step toward creating a healthier, more positive work environment.

Recommended For: Professionals who work in high-stress environments that may require working with traumatized individuals 

  • First responders
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Human service professionals
  • Security personnel



  1. Define and explain the principles of Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Care and their importance in creating a culture of workplace resilience.
  2. Understand how unresolved trauma can impact individuals and organizations and how a trauma-informed approach can address this.
  3. Identify the five fundamental principles of Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Care and apply them to promote awareness, shift attitudes, provide choice, foster safety, and highlight strengths in the workplace.
  4. Develop practical skills and strategies for implementing Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Care principles and building a supportive and resilient workplace culture.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Care
  • Module 2: Implementing Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Care Principles
  • Module 3: Creating a Culture of Resilience
  • Location: Online Virtual