To the 2016-2017 Annual Report of the British Columbia Borstal Association


Dick Bell Irving CRF 

                                           2016-2017 fiscal year:

                                              Numbers served:  total of forty six (46) residents 

                                              Intervention:  twelve (12) suspensions

                                              Success:  Nineteen (19) graduated releases (Statutory Release, Full                                                     Parole, Early Release Date, or Warrant Expiry)

Dick Bell Irving community residential facility supports the reintegration of adult males on conditional release.One of the greater challenges in our efforts to support an effective release includes the fentanyl crisis occurring within communities across the Nation.  This crisis has a direct impact on the landscape of community corrections;  for example, in prior years a resident overdose at our resource was non-existent yet in the last year alone we have had one overdose onsite and another offsite. We are still well below numbers seen by many of our peer organizations.  In both our cases, thankfully, naloxone was administered and the individuals were successfully revived, providing both the chance to rebuild.  Our team continues to monitor potential relapse through regular support, focusing on the resident’s needs, and open communication.   


With this growing concern it is imperative that front line personnel are safe guarded and prepared for the potential of an overdose.  At DBI, all front-line staff have been certified in the administration of naloxone (an opioid anti-dote) with several naloxone kits located throughout our resource.  The organization has also implemented strong policy to support front-line staff and to provide medical support, debriefing and additional follow up post incident.  

 Erica Louis, A/Director of Operations