To the 2016-2017 Annual Report of the British Columbia Borstal Association

A message from our President, Glenn Canuel

With over a decade of Board service, I am proud to reflect on our continued progress as an organization faced with one of the greater social wellness challenges, being crime prevention.  We have worked for nearly seven decades investing in public safety by skillfully managing the re integration needs of individuals returning to the community from periods of incarceration.  This is no small burden to shoulder – for our organization, our staff team or the individual that re commits to a pro social means of existence.  This year, like the ones that precede us, show an increasing challenge in resources such as mental health, gainful employment and affordable/safe housing. 

Our challenge remains in getting ahead of the issues that place public safety at risk.   The single greatest predictor of mental health and addiction issues is early trauma, and we also know that in terms of our traditional population - the incarcerated adult male - mental health and addiction is pervasive within our the prisons.  Trauma treatment is key.  Our Clinical Counselors are working hard and building on our pillars of trauma prevention, early intervention and aftercare.  From the former offender to the first responder, our team sees them all.  Perhaps most importantly though, our Clinicians are working with youth in our schools with a desire to stop the traumatic response process early.  The BC Borstal Association has also become an important treatment element in the organized crime issues our community is facing.  When it comes to trauma treatment, there is no segment of the community that we do not see, or will not see.  Every individual is important to us.

We still have a lot of work ahead, with some proud milestones being achieved.  On this note, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to those who make this organization so strong: the Board of Directors, our front line personnel, and our partners in the field.

President Glenn Canuel